Taking Care of Those Who Take Care of Others

Mother Nature is unleashing her fury across the United States, and as people struggle to stay safe, we must remember that those helping us stay safe are suffering too.

Baton Rouge based organizations Behind the Line and Back the Blue are returning the favor; as the flood waters are receding around Houston, volunteers trucked in household supplies to officers who kept the city safe during Hurricane Harvey.

In the article posted on Chron.com, Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dababie is quoted as saying that people often forget that the police officers working the crisis area are victims too, but they still come to work and continue to help those who need it.

After getting the Houston police back up and running, the groups plan on heading to Florida to help out with Hurricane Irma. They have a page on Facebook for those who would like to donate.

In Wisconsin, the Badger State Sheriff’s Association is raising money to help the Texas Sheriff’s department. In 2012, they raised $40,000 for New Jersey deputies when Hurricane Sandy hit. This time, their goal it to reach $10,000 per sheriff.

"I know that they're stretched to the max. I can't imagine how tired they are and how stressed they are. I can't imagine the amount of stuff that they're going through," said Oneida County Sheriff Grady Hartman.

As Hurricane Irma swoops in on Florida, law enforcement agencies are providing escorts for fuel trucks and tankers bringing fuel to gas stations in the danger zone. Florida Governor Rick Scott is trying to make it possible for people to evacuate.

“For gas stations in evacuation zones: we need you to stay open as long as possible so people can get out,” Scott said. “We will arrange police escorts for your employees so they can get out safely. We need your gas stations to stay open as long as possible.”

Hopefully this will all be over soon. When it is, remember to thank an officer for their everyday efforts & sacrifices.