Looting added to list of difficulties Houston police are dealing with during Hurricane Harvey

As if dealing with the danger and chaos of a flooded city of 2.3 million isn’t enough, law enforcement can now add looters to their list of issues to deal with during Hurricane Harvey.

Competing for first place for worst natural disaster in U.S. history, Harvey has flooded 50 counties and displaced 30,000 people. According to the San Diego Union Tribune, over 3,000 national and state National Guard troops have been deployed to help with relief efforts.

In a video posted on Fox News, the reporter explains “Unscrupulous people are taking advantage of natural disaster, looting and price gouging in Texas. Some looters have been arrested, but police are way too busy rescuing those in danger to protect every store.”

Yet many looters have been arrested, and law enforcement is doing what they can do prevent more. They have announced through news channels and social media that under Texas state law, burglarizing a home during in a disaster area can lead to a life sentence, and that the punishment for other crimes can be increased during a state of emergency.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo declared that he will lobby judges and prosecutors to make sure that anyone committing crimes during Harvey receives the harshest punishment possible.

Those of us in dry states who have never been through a hurricane can only imagine the despair of those experiencing it, and the difficulty of those trying to help. Our hearts and prayers go out to the law enforcement officers, national guard, and all others bringing aid to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Thank you!