Trump Lifts Ban on Military Weapons for Police

President Trump’s lift on the military weapons ban is the hot topic in the news right now. For Constitutionalists and many conservatives, this is bad news. The lift now enables police to receive military gear, which is federal intervention. Not only that, but it creates a different mindset. An article posted on stated

“The truth is the issue at hand is not fiscal responsibility, but rather the nature and purpose of American policing. When we militarize police, we give them the equipment and foster the mindsets that make brutality more likely. We encourage cops to think of Americans as their enemy to be controlled rather than their neighbors to be served.”

The article goes on to say that it is unfair to both police and citizens to think that crime will be deterred by militarizing police. Not only will cops think of citizens as something to be controlled – citizens will begin to think of police as the enemy to be avoided – if they don’t already.

The solution is not to federalize police and outfit them in military gear, but to increase public education and awareness, and keep police accountable to the people, not to the federal government.