The war on police makes their job even tougher

In a video posted on the Detroit News, Ki’Juan Anderson, an African-American police officer for and member of the Detroit Police Gang Intelligence Unit, talks about how difficult this past year has been with the war on cops and Black Lives Matter.

“We’re not denying, there have been mistakes on both sides all around the country, yes, but sometimes we have to be accountable for what are we doing to make the community better?” Anderson says in referring to both sides. “Are you a part of the problem? Or are you a part of the solution?” He explains that he always tries to reach out to people and get them to see the logic in the situation. The video shows him asking a suspect in handcuffs if he (Anderson) has personally done something to him, confronting the suspect about his attitude toward cops.

“Last year when Black Lives Matter was big, everyone thought it was okay to challenge the police. You would just be driving somewhere and people would put their hands up and say ‘don’t shoot me.’ Like c’mon man, stop it.” Anderson explained that this wore on him to a point where he didn’t want to go to work anymore, but his partner encouraged him to keep going, telling him that people still need their help. They can’t give up, because the bad guys want them to give up.

Since last September, 10 Detroit officers have been killed in the line of duty. According to the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund, 143 officers have been killed in the past year. Anderson attributes some of this to the media and how it has become trendy to hate cops. He says that he fears for his life every day, but he keeps going.

“I keep putting on my uniform, and I keep coming to work, because there might be somebody who needs me.”