2017 SPLC Intelligence Report says cops face "extremists"

The SPLC has issued their latest Intelligence Report, citing that police officers are “facing an array of extremist threats”.

The brief synopsis posted on SPLCcenter.org starts off with painting a picture of young thugs that are taking over Portland. It then goes on to say, “the radical right poses a serious threat to police officers across the country,” and mentions secessionists (people wanting their state to secede from the union), and then refers to gangs again.

This is a classic example of ‘sandwiching’ terms. When you want someone to form an opinion about a topic that they may not know much about, you sandwich it between two topics they do know about. In this case, we start off with gangs – bad, followed by the radical right and secessionists, and end with gangs again. If gangs are bad, then surely the radical right must be bad too, right?

My question is, what does the radical right have to do with gangs? Often times, when people think of the “radical” right, they think of Nazism or Fascism. In this case, the article is talking about those who are anti-government, and it references Cliven Bundy’s fight for his land in 2014.

The SPLC would like you to think that anyone of the “right-wing” or “conservative” nature is a kook who strives for Anarchy. This is not the case. Those educated in the Constitution know that the federal government likes to take land that isn’t theirs. You can read about the Bundy case extensively on The New American web site.  The majority of right-wing, conservative Americans are not anti-government. They are against large, over-reaching government – government that sticks its’ greedy little fingers into places they don’t belong.

The article does mention that “black nationalists” are a threat to officers because of their anti-government, anti-cop agenda, but it makes no mention of Black Lives Matter.

The article ends with a brief description of Hate Crimes and how important it is for officers to respond “properly and promptly.”  What about hate crimes toward the police?

The SPLC touts themselves as an anti-hate group fighting for the justice of the under-dog, but what they are in reality is an anti-conservative, un-constitutional group, notorious for putting people who disagree with their values on “hate lists”. Their web site includes a Hate Map, which includes “Americans for Immigration Control” and traditional religious groups.

The most absurd part of all of this is the fact that this article tries to take the position of watching out for cops, but in reality, they are one of Law Enforcements’ biggest enemies. It’s because groups like the SPLC and ACLU that Chicago is dealing with a crime crisis right now. It’s because of them that police are afraid to use their own judgment and perform their job adequately.

Sadly, many law enforcement agencies in the U.S. use the SPLC as a resource for finding and combating crime. They need to know the truth. The SPLC may label themselves as a progressive fighter for the down-trodden, but in truth, it is them that is anti-American, and will lead to chaos and socialism if they have their way.