BLM is a struggle to save our Democracy?

If you’re looking for a movie that might raise your blood pressure, you’ll want to check out “Whose Streets?”, a film documenting how the death of Michael Brown forced a community to come together and take action. The main purpose of the film is to show that the people who participated in the protests and riots following that incident are categorized as thugs, not as people fighting for their basic human rights.

We at LECF do not condone racism, nor are we of the blind opinion that all races are treated equally and everything is all hunky dory. What we are about is the facts – and the facts are that the protests and riots in Ferguson were mostly made up of paid protestors shipped in from all around the country. The fact is that many of them held signs that had “” typed across the bottom. The fact is that George Soros funded most of the “spontaneous” rioting.

The article posted at goes on to blame the education system, single mothers, and a lack of faith (all very true) and claims that the store looting was caused by people who cracked under police pressure. Um, excuse me? There’s a very good chance that those who did the looting were paid rioters, but if they were Ferguson residents, I’m pretty sure they didn’t “crack under pressure”. Who destroys their own neighborhood? There’s a better chance they took advantage of the chaos. But the article states that the police cared more about the property damage than the people.

Lastly, toward the end of the article, and in its title, it states that the people of Ferguson were denied their basic democratic rights. 1) If you’re trying to quote the Declaration, it’s “certain unalienable rights”, and 2) We live in a Republic, not a democracy. We are not a democracy because democracy leads to tyranny, as you are demonstrating. You may want to get your facts straight before you throw a fit about them being violated.