Punishment dealt out...

Punishment is finally being handed out to those who infringed on our first amendments rights. Many of remember when protestors prevented author Heather Mac Donald from speaking at the Claremont McKenna campus this past April. Their stated reasoning was that mac Donald was “fascist” and “racist.” Many of us were left shaking our heads, wondering how 1) These young adults had been raised to be so ignorant of others’ opinions, and 2) Why an institution of higher learning was allowing it to happen.

Thankfully, the college has taken action. According to the site Inside Higher Ed, five students that seemed to be the main organizers and agitators of the protest have been suspended. College officials stated that students have the right to protest, but they do not have the right to prevent a person from speaking.

Apparently, some college students (or maybe all) need to take “Bill of Rights 101” where they will discover that the most important right we are born with is the freedom of speech and of the people to peaceably assemble. So step aside, snowflake – sorry, not sorry your feelings were hurt. Grow up and deal with it. Welcome to America.