BLM reason to not serve on jury duty?

Black Lives Matter has not only decreased proactive policing and increased crime, it has now become an excuse for citizens to get out of jury duty.

According to, a web site that offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of Law, jurors are citing BLM as a reason they can’t testify. During voire dire – a preliminary examination of the jurors by the judge – jurors are expressing that they don’t feel comfortable testifying against a defendant based only on a police officers’ testimony, no other evidence.

Why must BLM be cited in these cases? Shouldn’t a juror feel uncomfortable in any situation where a person’ freedom depends on the testimony of only one other person?

Would race be a factor if the defendant was white and the police officer was black? Should race be a factor at all?

Has BLM just become a scape goat? Is it a legitimate reason to not partake in a court case?

This situation raises a lot of questions.