BLM supporters feel insulted by "Support Police" sticker

Orland Park, a suburb of Chicago, is receiving criticism for having “Orland Park Supports Police” on their vehicle stickers. The stickers are required for motorists, and in the past, have featured the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War and their local Lions Club.

The author of the article states that many people are offended by the sticker, claiming it’s an insult to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Isn’t the Black Lives Matter movement an insult to police?!

The author goes on to say that yes, there have been a few bad apples, but the whole police force shouldn’t take the blame for them, the same way the entire African-American race shouldn’t take the blame for a few racist criminals. He says that because of the dangers police face every day, why wouldn’t we support them and be proud of them?

At least some people in Chicagoland are standing up for their boys (and girls) in blue.