Penn. House Bill 27 aims to protect police officers

Representative Martina White of Pennsylvania is working to gather support for House Bill 27, a bill that – if passed – would withhold the names of officers involved in shootings for 30 days or until the investigation is concluded, whichever comes first. According to the petition letter written by White,

“In our world of instant news, we have learned the hard way that false narratives against officers who use their firearm can gain momentum very quickly. That negativity has led to riots, officers’ names being tarnished, careers ruined and even their lives lost. No one, including officers, should be presumed guilty before the facts of a case are known.”

White cites a recent FBI study which explains how officers are “de-policing” – not doing their jobs thoroughly or taking certain actions because they are afraid of coming under investigation of racism or brutality.

More can be learned about de-policing in Jerome Corsi’s article “Chicago less safe because of ACLU settlement imposed on police department.”