BLM, ACLU & NAACP push for Civilian Review Board

The city of Bloomington-Normal, IL may soon be getting a Civilian Review Board, according to an article posted on

The Bloomington chapters of the NAACP, ACLU and Black Lives Matter, along with others, are pushing to make it happen, claiming that another set of eyes is needed to keep police accountable. They go on to say that the board would not be anti-police, but would provide another avenue for civilians to file complaints about police.

Given the history and current reputations of the ACLU and BLM, we highly doubt this would be the case. Especially since they’re already complaining about a proposed revision that those with criminal records not be allowed on the board.

Civilian Review Boards sound like a great idea on the surface, but they’re simply another avenue to federal intervention. All too often, those on the board already have an ill opinion of police and will abuse their power in order to enact draconian laws that shackle officers and prevent them from doing their job.

As mentioned in a previous blog, police are already held accountable by the people. They answer to their sheriff, who is elected by the city council or mayor, who is elected by you. If you don’t like what you see, get involved. The answer is understanding and support of our police, not federal intervention.

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