BLM sues Chicago Police Department

It seems that BLM likes to pick a fight where ever they go.

As of this past Wednesday, they’ve filed a class action lawsuit again the Chicago Police Department, demanding that the out of control department needs federal oversight.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, BLM feels that Chicago officers have a “warrior mentality”, are brutal and discriminatory. Mayor Rahm Emanuel is fighting back, refusing federal involvement.

The CPD may have problems with excessive force and discrimination, but federal intervention is not the answer.  Police officers are held accountable to the people of the city they serve; problems can be reported to the city council, mayor, sheriff, and others at the LOCAL level. Accountability is up to us – the people – not a Marxist, politically funded extremist group like Black Lives Matter. Plus, there’s always more to the story than what is reported by the media. To learn more about how you can support your local police, click here