Firefighter stopped from wearing BLM pin

Humboldt Bay, Calif. firefighter Matt McFarland is no longer allowed to wear a ‘Black Lives Matter’ pin on his uniform, according to an article posted on

Uniform code states that any pins must be non-political and in good taste. Chief Andrew Mills, who ordered that McFarland remove the pin, received criticism because he has worn a ‘Police Lives Matter’ bracelet. McFarland took the situation to court, where they ruled that BLM is in fact a political movement, not a social one – it says so on their web site.

McFarland may have had good intentions, but he needs to realize that wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ accessories is not the solution to promoting better relationships with the people of his community. Anyone who truly understands BLM knows that they stand for police violence, bigotry, hate, unlawfulness and socialism. Perhaps someone should share Jerome Corsi’s article Black Lives Matter: A Marxist Revolutionary Movement with Matt McFarland.