Deputy Mark Burbridge killed by inmate during transport

This past Monday, Pottawattamie County (Iowa) Deputy Mark Burbridge was shot and killed while transporting prisoner Wesley Correa Carmenaty to the county jail from the courthouse, where he had just been sentenced to 45 years in prison for first-degree murder and robbery. According to KETV, Carmenaty was being escorted by two deputies when he grabbed one of their pistols and shot both of them, then fled. Burbridge died within the hour; Deputy Pat Morgan suffered critical injuries. Carmenaty was shortly apprehended, and as of today, Deputy Morgan is in stable condition.  Deputy Burbridge was a 12-year veteran of the force and left behind a family.

Law enforcement officers put their lives in danger every day – not just during high speed chases and hostage situations, but even during routine prisoner transports. Yet the public more often hears about police shooting civilians, creating a biased image of police and making their jobs even more difficult. Organizations like LECF and Support Your Local Police work diligently to teach people the truth and show them how vital law enforcement officers are to a free and prosperous republic, and to our personal wellbeing.