BLM awarded Sydney Peace Prize

The Sydney Peace Foundation has announced the Black Lives Matter movement as the winner of the Sydney Peace Prize for 2017. The annual award goes to groups who promote peace, justice, human rights, and non-violence.

First of all, why does Australia care about BLM, and second, do they know what it’s really all about?

In this article, Australian Labor senator Pat Dodson is quoted as saying Australia is all too familiar with its high incarceration rates and neglect of its aboriginal people, and that it’s a global issue.

BLM co-founder Patrisse Coullers is quoted as saying that many will criticize Sydney’s choice, associating BLM with violence and riots, but they’re about more than that – they’re about re-imagining humanity and personal relationships. She also said people need to evaluate the role of police and ask if they’re necessary.

“In our opinion: no, police are not going to give us safety. We’ve seen time and time again that actually what they do is provide death … In our country, police are the first responders to people with psychiatric issues, police are the first responders to drug use and overdose, police are the first responders to issues of domestic violence. And what we have seen time and time again, when they become the first responders, they don’t de-escalate. They actually escalate … When they become the first responders, our family members end up dying.”

Has Cullors forgetten that BLM is funded by domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and Marxist billionaire George Soros, who bussed in hundreds of delinquent youths to destroy and vandalize property? Did she forget that BLM is responsible for a surge in violence against police, causing laws to be put into place that prevent them from doing their jobs, which in turn causes more violence? Did she forget that 21 officers were killed in ambush-style attacks in 2016? Does she not realize that crime has increased dramatically in big cities, especially in those where there is no respect for police? Does she know that black-on-black crime is a bigger problem than police-on-black crime? Obviously not.

Black Lives Matter is in no way, shape or form a humanitarian organization. It is a communist-funded, violent organization whose main purpose it to cause enough chaos that police must become federalized, enabling the Insiders to take over and move us toward a One-World Government.

We need to stand up for our police and protect them. They already put their lives on the line every day – they don’t need the extra threat of BLM “humanitarians”. Click here and here to learn more about what you can do to make a difference.