People all over the country honor the fallen during National Police Week...

Ceremonies and tributes continue around the country in honor of National Police Week.

In Dallas, Texas, officers are raising money to erect a monument to honor the four officers killed in an ambush last summer. The sculpture will show a police officer hugging his family as we arrives home and will be named “Larger than Life.”

In Salt Lake City, Utah, more than 100 people gathered at a sunrise ceremony to honor the 25 SLC officers that have died in the line of duty. Even though the ceremony is held every year, Chief Mike said he hopes they don’t have to add any more names.

Greenbay, Wisconsin Lt. Ben Allen and his wife traveled to Washington D.C. to honor fallen coworkers and friends. Both of them work closely with the families of fallen officers. Says Lt. Allen, "We come out here, and it's more of a celebration of those officers' service. And law enforcement from all over the country comes together to celebrate those officers, so it's kind of an amazing site.”