BLM just won't give up...

In between the stories about the Las Vegas shooting and hurricanes incessantly beating the southern border, Black Lives Matter is still causing problems.

A recent FBI study has shown what many of us have known for a while now – The Ferguson Effect, aka “de-policing”, is directly related to an increase in crime. This article cites a study by the University of Chicago coming to the conclusion that the rise in violence might be linked to de-policing. It would be quite an off coincidence if it wasn’t.

Another article, titled “Don’t let the Ferguson Effect Take Root in NYC” talks about the increase in de-policing and crime in the Bronx.  Anonymous officers have admitted not investigating suspicious activity because they fear their careers and lives being ruined. One officer admits backing off because he was being filmed.

This situation is absolutely ridiculous when you stand back and look at it. People – especially African American people – stopped by police know all they have to do is spout an accusation and the radical Left will come running to their aid. What a bunch of brats! Whatever happened to people being civilized and responsible for their own actions? This is sickening.

Anyone who claims that BLM is a civil rights issue, or a fight for better treatment, is blind and ignorant. You cannot tell me that someone who wants to be treated better is trying to accomplish that by rioting, protesting free speech, destroying history, and finding every way they possibly can to get police officers in trouble and ruin their lives.

This point can be reinforced in the case of Officer Ryan Pownall; he made the mistake of shooting a suspect in the back as the suspect was fleeing. The case was investigated and Pownall has been dismissed. But this wasn’t good enough for BLM. During an event to raise money for Pownall and his family, BLM protested outside the station, shouting that they (the officers) were supporting the killing of black people.

Pownall made the bad judgement of shooting one person, who happened to be black. And he has been dismissed. And the officers weren’t celebrating the killing of black people, or even the death of that one victim. They were raising money for Pownall’s family because he had just been fired.

The point is, BLM will stop at nothing. It doesn’t matter how small or irrelevant the case is - if it involves a black person being shot by a white person, they will protest it. They will distort the truth and they will throw around words they don’t know the meaning of, like Nazi and Fascist. So before you believe anything you see or read in the news, please do your homework. The only way this war is going to end is with proper education.